Travel in Hungary

You may have already traveled the world over, visited many breathtaking sights, tasted culinary masterpieces, and experienced many diverse cultures, but, if you haven’t experienced Budapest, well, there’s a lot you’ve been missing!


Some people go to Budapest for the nightlife action, and there’s plenty.


Some people go for the food—and the food is amazing!


Others go for the spectacular architecture


and scenery.


Budapest, actually most of Hungary truly has something for everyone, and there’s no doubt you’ll  go home with memories of a most unforgettable vacation.

Culture–                                                      BudOp2 State Opera House,

National Theatre,


Palace of Artists–offer world-class performances.

History–from the days of the Roman occupation, visit actual ruins right in Budapest.

roman ruins in Budapest, called Aquincum in roman times
roman ruins in Budapest, called Aquincum in roman times



Great shopping–

Aside from the typical souvenirs, local artisans produce many fine items–ceramics, porcelain, leather goods, needlework, among others.

My favorite place for shopping is along Budapest’s Vaci street and in the Great Market Hall. The prices are reasonable and all items are Hungarian –made products.

If you are craving a modern shopping mall, Budapest has several that are even more modern than many in the US.




Getting around– In Budapest you won’t need a rental car—in fact, please don’t even think of getting one.  Public transportation is excellent and very cheap.



Let’s not forget the wines. Hungary has been a major wine producer for centuries. Even in the smallest villages, almost everyone produces wine. Some areas of Hungary such as Villany, Balaton, Tokaj are producing world class wines shipped all over the world. The wines of each area have a distinct character reflecting the climate and topography of the area.

Hungary also produces superior champagnes (sparkling wines). The wine regions provide plenty of tasting opportunities and often feature local foods to accompany them.



Getting away from the cities–Lake Balaton is a major resort area with fishing and boating as primary activities.  Visitors from all over Europe flock to the Balaton for summer vacations.  Sailing, windsurfing and of course swimming are available.P1090029

Is Hungary expensive?  NO!  By American standards, your dollar will go far in providing you with first class accommodations, travel arrangements, restaurants, and excursions.  Hungary is one of the best deals today for a spectacular, yet inexpensive vacation.  So, don’t wait!


Visit Hungary and feel the over thousand years of  history, the rich culture, the true spirit and hospitality of Hungary! Contact us today for assistance in planning an unforgettable trip.

Let me help you plan your unforgettable trip to Hungary!

  1.  Budapest
  2. Lake Balaton
  3. Wine Regions
  4. Major cities–Szeged, Pecs, Debrecen, Sopron, etc.
  5. Fitness/Wellness
  6. Other-by request

I will prepare an itinerary based on your preferences, which can include air travel,  lodging, restaurants, arranged tours, self-guided tours.  All travel and tours are by licensed agents and established tour companies.

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