Every Hungarian household has its own way of making lecso, but it is always a great, healthy dish made of fresh peppers, onions, and tomatoes. From there, the possibilities are endless. Some add scrambled eggs in the mixture, others add rice. Some eat it as is. So, here we go with a basic lecso. The tomatoes give this dish much of its character. Use homegrown tomatoes or the high quality ones from the market. Use your imagination with this treat.

4-5 Fresh Hungarian peppers (not hot) or 2 bell peppers, cleaned, cut into pieces
1 large onion, sliced
3-4 medium, ripe tomatoes, sliced
paprika to taste (1-2 tsps)
salt to taste
Vegeta (optional)
Oil or bacon fat
Hungarian sausage or Hillshire farms sausage, sliced
2 Eggs, optional
Fast cooking rice, optional

Heat oil or bacon fat in a skillet. Clean peppers by removing seeds and veins. These should not be hot peppers, unless that is your preference. Cut peppers into strips. Add to skillet with onions and tomatoes.


Sautee slowly, stirring gently, just until vegetables are limp. Add sausage and heat through. Add 1-2 tsps. Paprika (See About Paprika) and salt. If adding rice, see below for next step. Otherwise, cook slowly until liquid reduces slightly.


Variations: To add rice: Add 1/2 cup quick cooking rice to mixture. Cover and cook until rice is done (check package directions for timing).
To add eggs: Beat two eggs lightly with a fork and add to mixture. Stir gently. Cook just until eggs are done.



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