Homemade Sausage

Making Hungarian Sausage (Kolbasz)

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12 pounds pork (shoulder or butt) Note: The product must be at least 25% fat or the sausage will be too dry. Do not use a lean cut such as loin.

1/4 cup salt

2 TBS black pepper

3 TBS paprika

1 tsp cayenne pepper

6-10 large cloves of garlic! Your choice!

1 tsp ground caraway (use your old coffee grinder for grinding the seeds)

1 cup water

Casings (we buy them at a Mexican market. They are called “tripas”).

Cut the meat, including fatty pieces, into small cubes. Remove any gristle. Chop garlic or boil cloves in the water. I like it just freshly chopped, but some traditional recipes use the boiled method. I prefer the flavor of the fresh garlic. Add seasonings and water and stir meat thoroughly. Refrigerate overnight to let flavors penetrate.



Just before beginning, prepare casings by soaking them in water and running water through them.

Set up the grinder of your choice on a work surface. I usually cover the surface with plastic or a large towel to make clean up easier.

Push meat through the grinder into the casings. You will have “blow outs” from time to time. Use a large darning needle to poke holes in the sausage to release air which causes the ruptures. If it does rupture, just twist the casing at that point and start the next one.



If you wish, before filling the casings, take some of the ground mixture to fry up as patties to taste. If the seasoning is to your liking, you can proceed to fill the casing. Otherwise, add more seasonings and then begin.

To prepare, place sausages in an oven roasting pan. Add about 1/2 cup water to pan. Roast covered on 350 about 30 minutes. Remove lid and continue roasting until sausages are a nice reddish brown with a slight crust.


Put the fresh sausages in freezer bags and use as needed. Some of it can go in the smoker if you have one.


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