Langos are delicious, decadent deep-fried bread puffs, usually served after rubbing them witha clove of fresh garlic.They can also be served by topping them immediately with shredded cheese (gruyere oremmenthaler is great). Either way, they are wonderful on a hot day with beer. They can also be served as a dessert by topping them with powdered sugaror jam, but the garlic version is the best! Lángos is a lot of work if made in the traditional manner of making bread dough, kneading, rising, etc. Now, with frozen bread dough, they can be ready in no time.
If you have more time, use your favorite bread machine recipe for potato bread, and remove the dough after the first rising, and proceed with the recipe. These will be out of this world.’Directions:
1 package frozen hot roll dough (if you can’t find this, use the frozen loaf instead). The frozen rolls are very convenient as they are each the perfect size and the lángos will be more uniform.  If you use the loaf, it will take somewhat longer to defrost.Oil for deep fryingGarlic, large cloves, peeled, sliced in half

Shredded cheese

Open package of frozen dough and let defrost at roomtemperature.When dough is defrosted,put in a warm place to rise (oven at very low temperature is fine).When dough approximately doubles in size, take each of the rolls and flatten while forming a circle shape as much aspossible. If you are using the loaf instead of the rolls, pinch off uniform chunks of dough, the size of a golf ball and make flat circles.Place each flattened circle on a well floured tray and let rise one more time. When circles have puffed again , deep fry until golden brown (not dark brown) on both sides. Place onto a platter lined with paper towels. Peel and cut a large cloves of garlic inhalf.Let each person rub the garlic onto the lángos. Have sour cream and shredded cheese ready to place on some of the lángos too.


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