About Paprika

1peppersNever, never, never settle for anything but the best in paprika–Hungarian paprika! The difference between supermarket paprika and the real stuff is well, like the difference between a box of grated parmesan cheese versus real parmesan cheese that you have grated yourself. Real paprika has a wonderful aroma and a very rich red color.I have found that paprika keeps well if it is stored completely airtight in a zip lock bag, not just a tin or other canister type container, and stored in the dark.It will lose color and flavor if stored without care. You can purchase Hungarian paprika from several sources on the web.



What’s in these tubes????


Not toothpaste. These tubes contain very concentrated foods, usually peppers, goulash seasoning, or garlic. These keep well in the refrigerator, but we generally keep them no longer than 1 year. The expiration date is located on the end of the tube, but hard to read. They are great when you are out of fresh paprika or garlic, but use sparingly–they too are loaded with salt.




What is Vegeta?

I have no idea. It is very salty and the label lists only vegtables. It tastes like chicken or vegetable boullion cubes. No matter what it is, Vegeta is obviously very high in sodium. We have noticed it is used extensively in Hungary. Our visiting relatives find our food bland without it. We use it only very sparingly for the concentrated vegetable taste.